August 13, 2012

déjà vu

Have you ever experienced déjà vu? It is that feeling of an instance happening all over again. It’s like being in the same situation before. I know that explanations are quite paranormal but should we be wary of this condition? Is our being spontaneous starting to dwindle?

To overcome these moments, we must double-check it in our minds every detail. Comparison is always an option. Circumstances may look the same but differs in details if closely analyzed. Always be aware of what’s happening. A thing or two unnoticed can create a big impact.

Know what you do. It is great when you know exactly the circumstances surrounding your action. Study the possibilities and repercussions. Take all angles in consideration. Take the necessary steps in trying to revise and change the intended outcome.

With everyday events happening and for us trying to add a little dimension, life would not be so boring at all anyway.


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