August 29, 2012


I decided to watch again the whole season 2 of ‘’Suits’’ yesterday. Admittingly, I was strucked and awed by the beauty of Rachel Zane played by Meghan Markle. It was towards the end – episode 9, to be exact when Rachel broke the sad news to Mike Ross that his grandmother passed away.

It was exactly at the same time, after that scene, that my mother entered my room.... She told me that my grandmother had passed away, just minutes ago. That’s how my grandma bid farewell to me.   

I came to know her as the one who defends me from everything, a firm supporter of my sometimes twisted cause, the guaranteed buyer of my silly jokes and a true masterchef. My grandma-’Inang’.

I remember many things about her. She loved my sister like anyone else. My brother in-law was then no match for her. Joe Dumars can eat his heart out with the way she ‘guarded’ my sister. Inang was like a Harvard debater to a vegetable, meat and fish vendor in the market everytime she brings and takes me along with her.  How she lobbied for me against my parent’s will, how she smiles and how she waves her culinary hand to every dish done. And when she’s mad, better step aside for her stinging pinch will land unto you. At an old age, she still manages to do it.

As of yesterday, everything about Inang vanished and flew carelessly above. She’s now together with her husband in heaven. I know that she’s happy now. She finally got what she always wanted: ‘Langit’ [Heaven].

The same as with my sister, Inang will always be in my heart and mind....


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