August 31, 2012

to Inang...

From where I'm about to start
Suddenly, you’ve drifted apart
You know, I could have shown you more
Things you haven’t seen before
I really love to be with you
At least ease the pain that you are going through
Are you in a hurry? Or am I just too slow
Maybe thou art, just going with the flow

Pardon me since I’m not used to
Of spending the day without you
Still a kid I will long for your presence
Never could imagine the absence
Your voice will linger in my mind
Memories of you are never far behind
Especially the laughter you exude
Advices, tears, all of them, gratitude

You leave us all behind
To where that I don’t mind
As long as you are happy
Savour it ‘till eternity
Safe travel you may have
Pray on our behalf
Rest in peace my dear ‘’Inang’’
It is done, your bell has rang

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