August 11, 2012

Happy life

In making our lives simple and worth living seems to be quite complicated nowadays. As I listen to the mighty raindrops falling on the roof, I was able draw some points on this subject. Randomly, here are some tips on how to make your life simple and worth living- the wheelchaired bursts version.

1. Don’t overcomplicate things. Remember, just like presenting foods, less is more. Too complex would only mean trapping yourself in a maze. It will be harder for you get out on a tight situation if you plan is too complex.

2. Learn how to see things in positive manner. Seeing things on lighter perspective, no matter how heavy it is adds a more chance handling well in the disposition of certain issues in life.

3. Be two steps ahead. Able to foresee what would happen and knowing early the consequences gets you way advantageous to those who cuddle difficulties.

4. Always have a plan. Accept the reality that there are failures and bumps along the way. It’s best to be ready for it.

5. Appreciate it. God gave us the life we have right now. Kindly return the favor by appreciating everything that is happening around us.



  1. Correct... and most of all enjoy your free time with what really made you happy. My eldest son whenever he sees me watching my favorite korean novelas always says "ano na namang kabaduyan yang ginagawa nyo", I really wanted to wring his neck. I just say, "you are not required to watch get out of here". Let other people enjoy what they want as long as it's not doing any harm in the society.

  2. or to anyone for that matter, life would be happier for all.

  3. 6. DO NOT EXPECT. my kids are average students in school.. If they got
    high grades, well and good but if they don't I know they still did their best, expecting them to be top in their class was and never is a big deal with me,, no expectations, no disappointments,, *;)