August 11, 2012

Mama's boy...

Proving my mom’s worth, I’ve made this letter for her few months back.

I’m actually not in the right and sensible position to say these things, much further, do this for various complicated reasons that only I discreetly know.  I may have caused my mother her recent sufferings, heartaches, tears and wrinkles; I also brought her a small amount of joy, to say the least.

Undoubtedly, I always feel like a child in front of her. Feeling the burden of being the only son notwithstanding of having and bearing my father’s name is like a shadow that pressurizes me constantly.  But having her beside unclogs these issues in mind.  The mere footsteps of her, reassures me that everything will be alright. Her presence takes all away my fears.  She maybe too over-protective at times but she is always in command.  Not many would bother to know that she is really a fighter, a true survivor and a real pillar amongst the tides of life.  Spare her the everyday glitches which may be caused by the natural ‘senior moments’ or age factor, but it is already given that she’s always on her tip-top shape and state of mind.

Just like any mother, she is a great source of inspiration and strength for she breathes of overcoming tight and hard circumstances of this travel ours by sacrificing herself and teaching humility and unselfishness towards the simple rewards of life.

As the song would say, ‘’I wish that I could turn back the clock’’ so that I can live my life the way it’s supposed to be.  And what better way to do it again but with the soothing, calming and guiding hands of my dear mother. To your unselfish dedication, NANAY!, I love you!


  1. I always feel happy reading endearing articles for mothers not that I'm mother because none of my children have yet dedicated the same to me, it's just that I'm happy for the writer.

  2. you're so lucky to have a 'nanay' like her!,, *;)