August 11, 2012

Home care

This is a portion worth reading for those concerned:

“Two-thirds of people who have had a stroke will need some type of support at home over a period of time. This could be practical support such as help with washing or dressing or psychological support such as motivational techniques, anxiety management. Much of the support will not be provided by health care professionals but will be provided by a mixture of family, carers, charities, local authorities and dedicated organizations.

For practical help such as getting up in the morning, assisting with meal times, and helping with getting dressed, most patients will be assessed by statutory services such as social care and will be recommended for what was known as ‘home care’. Long-term psychological support for both the patient and the carer is sometimes harder to secure and this is often what people will ask for when the routine rehabilitation has ceased.” (Occupational Therapy and Stroke Second Edition Edited by Judi Edmans.)

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