August 22, 2012

Imagine - II

Imagine the helplessness
Be composed under duress
It was almost emptiness

Imagine how sad
Everything that I had
Was lost because I was bad

Imagine being unaware
Without a compass, set to sail
Always throw a blank stare

Imagine being stale
Most likened to fail
A moved limb, a hail

Imagine being lonely
Almost embraced insanity
No one was left but me

Imagine adjustments
To everything, every event
As it was to be, it meant

Imagine the glimmer
Of hope I see as it shatters
I could only wish it won’t matter

Imagine how long
To recuperate and be strong
This havoc not to prolong

Imagine inability
At risk even longevity
At the brink of eternity

Imagine me likens life of mine a song
Fearing sometimes, I won’t last long
Fetch of death, I play along

Imagine the amount of faith
I gathered after this scathe
Mustered before turning to a wraith
Anyone could see
Imagine me...truly...

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