August 1, 2012

Love and be loved

In this rather gruesome yet inviting weather, I am again strained by my cold and stroked senses to engage more on the subject which everybody is so fond about, age and sex defies, and the thing that unites us all – love.

It comes in different ways, expressed in various ways, shared, given and taken. To some, it means more than life. To some, it means everything. But others take the opportunity of it being generalized and broad that it sometimes loses its intended meaning or purpose.

I have loved, experienced it, given it reluctantly without any ifs or buts, and to some extent, regretted having given it. But deep inside me is crushing that guilt feeling because what I gave was true. True to the fact that it has no conditions. Sad to say that the unconditional love I gave wounded me. God knows how I have loved and I want to be, sinful as I am, like Him.

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