August 1, 2012

The Judges

There was once a time that San Beda College were home to us, the self proclaimed ''Judges’’.

The Judges

Together as classmates, we unchoked the hardships of college life as we played along serious academic challenge with the right amount of ‘coolness’ in every hard fought situation. I remember entering our room and all of our classmates’ heads were neither staring upwards blankly nor gazing downwards at their notes. They were all studying for the quiz later. Looked ridiculed, the Judges just smiled and went on with nothing as if a carefree life awaits us.

This kind of brotherhood went on until now. We may not even be the Judges as we planned to be but we are self-made one’s who’s eager to extend a hand or crack a joke to those who are in need. Convention and proper quorum may be rare but the spirit of friendship stays...with or without a bottle of beer.   

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