August 2, 2012


Amongst every available Open Source database in the market today, MySQL (pronounced locally as “my sequel”), is far the most popular.  MySQL is a brainchild of the commercial company called MySQL AB.  They are the ones who are in charge of the developing, distributing and supporting this database management system.

And for those who have just logged in and definitely has no idea of what this is all about, a database is an organized and structured collection of data placed or stored in a computer.  These stored sets of information are systematized and are arranged through the help of a database, so a user can easily search on a more organized and systematized number of data in a fast way.  A vivid example of a database is that system used on servers that are connected to your office computer or to those in your rented PCs at your nearest internet cafĂ©.  Your favorite search engines on the internet use these kinds of database.  The ever popular You-Tube and Windows utilizes the same system.

The next query that comes to mind is what does this popular database system MySQL can do?

About the server, since the MySQL server stores data and information in a unique way -data is being kept on systematized tables that are uniquely separate from each other - a complete “get-away” from the old-fashioned task of just dumping and storing all the bulk data into one big frame.  By doing such, MySQL promotes and adds more speed because of its accessibility and the flexibility it provides.  With the MySQL server at hand, it further offers faster connectivity, reliability and security as it has over the years, developed to be more viable to data handling to the ever increasing and continuous demandable environment that lauds for much larger database storage.


The software comes next. The MySQL database software is an Open Source type, which means that the software can be modified and used by anyone.  According to sources, MySQL database software can easily be downloaded free from the internet.  Once the downloading is done, one can easily modify or change it to whatever that suits the need.  Additionally, MySQL database software offers a system that supports various programs and tools that enables the server to set-up a faster and easier to manage database product.

As a result, this breakthrough in database technology has given everyone-from developers to the simple users- a relief and a promise.  A relief since MySQL has saved the day being the more advantageous and reliable database that we all can count on using.  A promise because the trend in database technology posts a more challenging role to MySQL’s developers into perfecting the database system amidst the demands of our modern world.

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