August 3, 2012

power of sleep

‘’Following stroke, patients may be faced with occupational dysfunction. Occupational performance capacity may become impaired, impacting on their physical, cognitive and psychosocial capacity to adapt to effectively meet the demands of and engage in their usual occupations, thus impinging on their occupational identity, health and well-being.’’ (Occupational Therapy and Stroke, Second Edition, Edited by Judi Edmans).

To hear or simply read such lines from the expert simplifies a thing. Whatever way one puts it. It spells restraint. Because of the incapacitation on everything, tears came running down my cheeks again. It went down together with my hopes and dreams. Depressed and felt fallen apart, I resorted to my last known solution to these; although temporary, it felt good, I slept.

It does not solve anything but waking up gave me a new perspective on how to face this dilemma.

How I wish it was all a dream
Those things may not be as it seems
New life and hope I guess
Nothing but me in a dress

Though wrecked, everything new
All turned alternately black and blue
Left me with sanity and needed wisdom
To lift myself and carry all along

Telling me please don’t bother
Asking or look in another
Or tell me what it is all about
All I can say is: I’m down, but definitely not out!

1 comment:

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