August 26, 2012


Despite my lack of the required medals and distinctions of a writer, all I offer is my humble, sometimes mediocre state of mind. The events in my life will serve as my laurels and my psycho-philosophical mind hopes to drape me with sanity needed. I rely on faith to keep myself grounded as well as reminder of my being human always.

As all of us do, we want to make a difference, one way or the other. We have various levels of needs in life. Am just hoping that those aims could somehow affect others. Getting and savouring a goal of ours is a great prize when proper acknowledgement is made.

In my case, I would like to thank everyone who takes their time to read this blog of mine. Taking notice of something in a different perspective is an effort considered. Being moved, one way or another is an effort much higher. I really appreciate the same. I just wish that I could do more.

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