September 19, 2012


Ambitions. They are processes which bring out our attitude toward a goal; they could be transformed into success, contentment or self satisfaction. Ambitions are resulted in proper handling and good execution of our actions.

More often than not, an ambition brings out hunger and further clouds our reasoning. It blinds our normal way of thinking as well how we interact with other human beings. Having an ambition isn’t that bad as long as it is done and reached in a humane way.

It is also a way to gauge our want to succeed in life or this to make our lives better. Our approach or how well we treat our aspirations makes up who we are. Our success or downfall on our ambitions should not pinpoint to someone else’s cause but rather to us and to no one else alone. They are best achieved through a subjective pattern of living. Ambitions are good when they are good.

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