September 19, 2012


This would sound blasphemous to many of you but at least, be subjective and perceive the reality. As only a piece of my handful re-post, I’d like to discuss the over debated, limitless and boring to some (I don’t want to be disrespectful), subject of God.

If he exists, as countless scholars from the academe and the religious have proven in their own or consensual procedures, I would like to ask, does he/she/it care at all? The presence of famine, small and large scale terrorism, greed, lust, and other signs of an unruly world can conclude that we are of complete turmoil. Does God know this? Is he willing to save us? And if salvation is true, when will it be?

Whether God has its plans or the question of mere existence of him is under scrutiny, all I can say is do good for yourself and for others. I believe that God, existent or not, would be glad if we give and share our goodwill to others so that we may be worth with or without God.

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