September 28, 2012


A "diet" could be defined as any temporary change in your eating behavior to help you lose weight. This entire concept is flawed. When you say you are “going on a diet” the implication is that it’s temporary and at some point you’re going to have to “go off” the diet. This is not a program that you go on and off. The only way you'll ever lose fat and keep it off permanently is to adopt new habits and keep them for life.

Initially, your new dietary and exercise disciplines may feel uncomfortable. Sticking with them will take some effort in the early stages. After a short adjustment period, you will discover that it gets easier until eventually your new behaviors become deeply entrenched into your daily routine like grooves in a record. Your new habits will become as much a part of your daily routine as taking a shower, brushing your teeth or going to work. Your positive new habits will become a part of your lifestyle.

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