September 20, 2012

Fairy Tell - II

'the keeper'
8x11 colored pencil on paper
date unknown
by: Antonette Victoria Buenaventura

On with another fairy-tell...

Every precious dwelling place deserves the best 'lock and key' and its 'keeper' to protect all the material, spiritual and moral valuables within it.

Our physical body being the temple of our soul and the greatest masterpiece The Supreme Being has ever created is designed with a specialized 'key' located at the innermost core of it.  A powerful source of life that emits warmth to our basic instincts thus signals what and who can actually enter the sacred 'premises'. It is called 'heart'.

Our soul, our heart and our body interpreted consecutively as the lock, the key and the keeper. Together they perform perfection... a life measured on its highest esteem... a MAGIC!

So who would be needing wings to fly or magic and powerful wands to turn pumpkins to sparkling coach or fairy dust to make wishes come true?.. bibbidi-bobbidy-boo!

A pure and clean heart is the answer.

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