September 20, 2012

What the heart says

I would like to state a small discourse regarding matters of the heart. The expression of one’s feelings, to be precise. If we are to look and emphasize more of our subject, let’s say that the given setting is now. It underlies various mitigating factors. The question emerges: in the expression of affection towards one, do I go on with what I feel or should I consider what society morally tells me to do?

For a stroked guy with limited wisdom like me, I’d rather go with what I feel. Even if it’s entirely wrong. It is/was society that marked it as wrong, anyway. It is the same crossing entity which captures us and injects us with morality.

Our freedom to express love becomes one-sided. The distinction of what is right or wrong in the expression of love acts like a blindfold. It holds and bars our thirsting desire to express our feelings. Take off that cloud of morality and express that true love.

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