September 28, 2012


I have been given by a friend of mine an idea, an aching truth and a mere perception of reality. It is the reality that the world today starves. Demands continue to pile up as supplies rummages. The hunger issue everywhere continues to escalate at an alarming stage as we see children die of famine, communities and states wage war on this bewildering event.

That is why everyone is painfully swallowing the reality that the quality and quantity of food doesn’t matter anymore. Nowadays, having ‘something’ to eat is a great blessing in which we should be thankful for. Our belief and perception that it is only the rich people, who get to eat in a decent manner, can somehow be coming true.

We don’t have to wait ‘till or every Christmas day to remember these hungry people. Just being appreciative of whatever is in front of your table is more than enough to show you care.