September 28, 2012

I wish...

Is it normal to aspire, dream or fantasize once in a while? Having to imagine yourself living a totally different life or maybe dreaming the life of somebody else’s is a part of it. These idealistic views of ours are sometimes too good to be right, in a more subtle manner. They are sometimes believed to go overboard. It loses its intent and purpose.

Some resort to idolatry and other unexplainable things. Drastic measures are also accounted to these abuse of our ability and as well as our strengths. We unwelcome the possibility of change in a positive way. Its intent to inspire, move and change us is just left lurking around like nonsense purpose.

Let our dreams inspire in better way. Let it stand as a purpose for us to advance and reach a goal in life. May they challenge us to do more good. My perception of a dream serves as an inspiration.

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