September 17, 2012


by AVB

I’m once again being raped and molested by unfortunate events. At times that I crave for abundant ideas, it is there that nothingness came. It mauled my shanty piece of mind and tried to ruin my hopes of being somebody.

Even my stroked being wasn’t spared. It manipulated my body by inviting it to be still and do nothing in spite numerous calls from my telling it to move a limb. I must admit that adhering to these made me thought of the future. I may not be as I am right now for fear of losing everything.

I instantly grab, tied and threw out those random thoughts and decided not to go with ideas of those kind. Tests come really unto you when you least expect it. It attacks more on your weaknesses. So it’s best to be always equipped with strong will and perseverance. Having a clear frame of mind would be well welcomed. 


  1. Writer's block that's what others call it. It came to me after my first article and up to now I have no idea what to write. Maybe writing is not really for me.

  2. I don't think it is for you. You just need to rest for a while. Sayang ang galing mo.