September 17, 2012


Hearing and feeling the windy rain again reminded me of a reality that we have to face – life’s troubles and worries. We are bombarded by, make or destroy us, we can choose to deny it or embrace it, face it or pass it. For our betterment, some of us find a source of strength in those.

It acts like a shadow hounding us. I, wonder, who causes them in the first place? Is it us or some external factor? Can this ever end? If it will, when will it be? Raising queries such those adds up to our worries. Thus, leads me to an immediate solution to this dilemma. Just try to stop asking questions. Searching answers to those questions worries and troubles us more adding insult to injury. And how can knowledge fortify itself without the existence of ignorance? Make your questions worth. Don’t make it too absurd to justify. Make it tangible.

Our troubles and worries are, to say the least, all of our same doings. Taking full and humane responsibility in dealing with them by seeing them as part of your life or having them beside you to challenge the ‘YOU’ from within is a great way to start overcoming  and declaring  triumph over it. 

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