September 20, 2012

Love today

As James Ingram would ask, how do you keep the music playing? Being in a relationship is quite challenging, especially in terms of keeping it in trying, complicated and modern lives that we live in. The way our modern tradition revolutionized a mean or two affecting our personal lives, our relationships to be precise, now are entirely different.

Love becomes secondary. It just sprouts out after our need for money, power and other reassuring things. I’m just being true here that those relationships today are built and made just for the sake of an agenda. Labelling?

A relationship based on complete trust and pure love, sad to say, is rare nowadays. That is why love quotes, relationship quotes and such the like clog social media sites nowadays. It tells us that having a relationship isn’t about money or other modernized means alone. It’s about the giving of pure and unblemished affection to the one needing it.

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