September 20, 2012


Watching the finale of the 2012 US Masterchef was an eye opener for me. The winner, Christine Ha, displayed not just her culinary prowess but her being able to inspire other people. Christine, for your information, is blind. Well, anybody can cook even when blind, but to compete against some of the great amateur cooks across US is certainly a great feat.

I also watched her Masterchef journey. Christine Ha is picture of hope and determination. She served as an inspiration to all in pursuing their dreams in spite of the hardships, in her case, the handicap of being visually impaired.

Christine Ha proved that obstacles are just like dust that needs to be wiped out. It is through our motivation and unending will that the possibility of reaching our goal in life is achieved. May those hindrances turn into something positive that would make our lives much happier and worth living.

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