September 19, 2012


I had a great chance to watch a new TV series, Perception played by Eric Mccormack and Rachel Leigh Cook. It’s quite interesting for it focuses on how our brain works both in the conscious and subconscious state.

They have an episode which talks about reality and its meaning to an ordinary mind as perceived through a neuro-science professor. He further said that reality is not what is at all. They just are products of our minds all rumbled up together conditioning those to be as it is. But what if those are just unconditioned products then eluded by the brain? Certain events such as hallucinations and dreams instigate.

For all we know, it is real. It was just formed in an unorthodox manner. We sometimes mistake it as not being classified as reality. They do hurt, add blurredness and always left alone. Our perception of reality is cornered to rely on our senses. Understanding how the mind works is like seeing the meaning of reality.

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