September 19, 2012


It is almost a way of life on a rather-not-so complicated term, the need and practice for us to look at the past.  Use needlessly our Basal Ganglias and reminisce once in a while.  Although it is more often, we do admit that what we have right now in the present is or was largely because of the past.  And that the differences and reality in the present is or were mainly contributed by the past.  Looking closely, the past is inevitable (not to mention in this analysis is the value of time) to all of us. The simple “tick” of a clock or a second gone is considered as “past”. But how about the future?

We only come to admire the grandeur and the wholeness effect of the past when we open our senses to it.  Aside from the fascinating world of science, history perhaps is one of the best things that ever happened to human existence.  …..nah, let’s forget about it, it’s history anyway. We can’t redo what is done. More importantly, we should treasure the things that we owe our lives to.  Again, what we are now in the present is primarily because of what we were or what we’ve done in the past.

Living in the past cannot be bad at all. Just embrace what you have right now and be thankful for it.

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