October 16, 2012



Was it planned?
A move from up above
Destiny perhaps
Here on where I stand
Where art thou my endeared consciousness?
Made my heart drastically plagued
And totally numb
To shout with helplessness

Eventhough, I exerted efforts
But just the same results
I end up being alone
Tired and becoming bored
Don’t you think I still have chance?
Am I still worth after all?
Though I think otherwise
To have at least another dance

Fall all over again
Make somebody special
Like it was before
Wishing it won’t end
Can I be that trustworthy?
All I do is beg the heavens
To allow me please
To be an affection emissary

And that I be blessed bountifully
With laurels that makes me
Arguably commendable of
Once again, to and be loved

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