October 15, 2012

Seize the day

Seize the day

The past few days were all dedicated to pondering. Was or am I on the right frame of mind amidst the depression, delusions, happy and temporary thoughts? Last week was my birthday, and believe it or not, this thought of having to end everything still haunts me ‘till now.

Ideas framed my vivid mind of...why does everything that begins, ends? Why does it seem that everything is temporary? And if all is to end, why bother start in the first place? Then there will be nothing or everything. Life existence might be probable as there is absolutely nothing that exists.

What’s the sense of it all? Why accept ‘happy birthdays’ when you know that it’s going to be ‘condolences’ in the end? Kinda’ morbid but it is the reality. The best thing to burst this bubble thought is to live happily and freely as if the next day is the end. Seize the day.

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