October 31, 2012

ART with a HEART

Blankly and innocently staring at her artwork for a dull moment while waves of endless reality and luminous stream of ideas scampered through her mind, the sudden bolt of thinking halted her. Unselfishness enveloped her. A simple plan at first among kind hearts turned into reality. The assumption of being and having to return the grace to those who need it the most became her agenda.

Then, the existence of the blessed brainchild called ‘’SINING GALING’’. It’s a fund raising project for the pupils of Marulas Elementary School in the Philippines. It’s a 6 session arts and crafts classes conducted free of fees by my good friend that started last October 23. An exhibit showcasing the kids' artworks and masterpieces will take place come November 23, 2012. The proceeds will surely go a long way to further develop the academic and progressive skills of the pupils.

I wish that plenty of selfless hearts with a precious cause like my friend would spread contagiously like virus. It may be rare in times like these but my  selfless aims are high. Kudos to the students and to the organizers of this project with a heart!

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