October 28, 2012


A special burst for a special person on her special day...

I would not expect to solicit that filial mode of appreciation as I have and assured my unworthiness in your life. I will just use my biological existence and the simple fact that my blood runs into you and the uncontested reality that we look almost the same.

I’m asking the heavens to bless your new life as a woman. I believe honestly in you. The courage and your current disposition in life will get you through the challenges and miscues in life. Continue to draw strength from those whom you value the most.

It’s an entirely new chapter in your life so make it worth. Even in my present predicament, I may have been gone for a while but now, I can assure you that your big man will not leave you anymore. I’ll renew my being a father, a close friend, confidant, mentor, eating and ‘’leverage’’ buddy to you once again.

After some time, a girl suddenly turns into a woman. All I ask of you is to remain the same Jing-Jing at heart. Inspire and move others by showing an honest and good example. I LOVE YOU and Happy Birthday!!!


I need nothin’ else to say
i could live my life on through another day
a thousand words I want to speak
but I need nothin’ else to say.
And through me, eyes will see
there will be only you... only you....
- After Image

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