October 25, 2012

Goddess in love

Because the cold rain last night, I dwindled to dreamland relentlessly. I saw a goddess who handed me scriblings. According to her, it was her unreluctant weave of expression for the man she truly loves. She likewise entrusted me with the following to take good care of. Affections from goddess, truly they are. Thanks, T3...

I am a princess in my golden tower
Having fun with my royal followers
Enjoying lavish things
Along came a humble commoner
Eyeing me as his princess in his own tower
I am a princess in my own tower
Enchanted by this humble and loving commoner
His good deeds & his best, much farther
Set his pace as we gow along together
I am a princess now in his tower
Together in fun and love, much maybe, forever..

Everything came so easy.
You're keeping me warm
Crashing down in,
You're making me smile.
I never felt so wanted,
You're taking me home.

Don't give back,
I miss you, I kiss you,
But nobody knows.

Too much to ask
Something between us
Sweet beginnings, sweet endings.
I'm your side
But I can't spell it out
Meet me halfway, I could be the same for you

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