December 10, 2012

Anorexia and its symptoms

Anorexia is a severe emotional disorder that impacts your mind and damages your body through starvation. The hallmarks of anorexia are a fear of fatness and a refusal to eat. If you have anorexia, you’ve developed a fear of becoming fat that organizes your entire existence. You believe you’re always on the verge of becoming fat, regardless of your actual weight or what anybody tells you about how thin you are. You take steps to manage your fear of fatness by refusing to eat. Food refusal also allows you to feel in control, which is of central importance to your sense of well-being. You may also binge and purge and may exercise compulsively to help control your weight.

Anorexia takes its toll on both your brain and your body. The physical symptoms of anorexia are due to starvation. These symptoms include:

·         Heart muscle damage
·         Heartbeat irregularities
·         Low blood pressure
·         Kidney damage or failure
·         Convulsions, seizures
·         Liver damage or failure
·         Loss of menstrual periods
·         Loss of bone density
·         Fertility problems

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