July 6, 2013


By Rusty Sanchez 

Old stories of conflicts and arms
Always arise in between
Good and Evil
Poor and Rich
Demolition in Agham
Demolition in San Juan

Waifs and Homeless Suffer

Same stories with antiquated plots
No heroes, no wannabes
Old pages, old ranks
New faces, no changes
Corruption in the Congress
Corruption in the Senate

Amassing wealth for their pocket’s health

Fare Increase, Tuition Hike
Toll, VAT and Gasoline Increase
MWSS will drown you
MERALCO will electrify you
What more agony can you bear
In silence you will be raped and ripped over
Like a caryatid lifeless cadaver

Privatize all GOCCs
Privatize all Casinos
Privatize all your responsibilities
Will not serve as the only key
When can we learn?
Where will you be?
If HELL freezes over
And HEAVEN burns like HELL
All the Gods Above & Under
Will continue the endless battle
Until it is OVER.

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