July 6, 2013


By Rusty Sanchez

I wept from an arid land of misnomers
Just to sink and shrink
I swept from the barren mountains
Just to make sweet and sweat

I rink to fill an empty brain of hopelessness
Just to fly and be shot dead in the air
I drink to thirst my throat and throttle
Just to make peace and piss

I loom to break the brakes of an F-1 car
Just to beg for a hell’s life ride
I bloom to burst in pain and gain
Just to be away from frightful faces and be in a rightful one

In silence I whisper loud the dread of my past
Just to hear the depthness of deafness
In sea of tears I fierce my fear with a pierce in my head
Just to decline and recline from the blissful sanctuary of
my tortured future

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