July 7, 2012


Accepting the reality was objectionable on my part. Being able to succumb to the instances, swallowing the pride and appreciating what was left parted at me unguardedly. It was a big deal for me not being able to do what I used to. My movements were limited as they are bothered by muscle spasticity.  Numbness coupled with pain is what’s best to describe it. Lifting and stretching a leg felt like lifting a heavy boulder. I am now married to my wheelchair and my canes. What I am right now is also caused by the motivation and care of people who pushed me harder and helped me realize that there is hope. All I have to do is formulate a frame of mind that this stroke is just a wake-up call in my current wrongdoings in life.  I gradually learned to accept and appreciate the minute things in life. Looking for my purpose is the next thing, but I know it will come eventually.     

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