July 6, 2012

Reality check

Applying to what is said to be done to battle depression is like reaching a point through an endless tunnel. I being idle, traduced and damaged relied heavily on sole thing that was left clinging in my mind – faith. To believe in yourself and in everything you do in a situation like mine is considered a miracle. It is only faith that wakes me up each morning. It pushes me to stand, walk, laugh and cry just any normal human being. Last time I was watching a NatGeo documentary about bizarre personalities, those with Turrets, Trichotillomania, Necrolepsy and Autism presented in a more humane way and how the modern society perceives them. Seeing those was an eye-opener for me knowing what you can achieve under extreme circumstances. It gave me more hope, inspiration and a renewed faith under a gloomy sky. I saw a more concrete and profound goal in life.

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