July 9, 2012


As I was about to take my medicines, I suddenly noticed its label. Those labels speak of what they are or what they stress of. My consciousness brought me to an endeared friend of mine whose belief in labelling one’s relationship is just a product of a modern inquisitive assuring society. Her acts and his, stands alone as labels. Labels that is more to than friendship, exceeds the effort of caring and dismantles the rules of affection. The act of giving yourself so that the other feels it and vice versa is a label in cloak. It maybe sillier to think but that’s how love affects our own unique lives. True love doesn’t need distinction or labels. Just what Christ taught us: love unconditionally. To end, I would like to share my friend’s endearing tagalong poem which demonstrates her unlabelled but heartfelt emotions for her man.

''laging nagkakaintindihan
laging nagkakaunawaan
laging masaya
basta't magkasama
ngit, halakhak, at tawa
kadalasan sa tuwina
hindi nagpapabaya
magkatuwang sa lahat ng problema
magkaibigan nga ba
o sadyang pinipigilan
ang damdaminng tunay
na dapat sa isat-isa ay ialay?

Label? Anyone?


  1. nice, galing mo meyn! =D

  2. Sino si wheelchaired man? aside from his gender who is he? a man with values in life?

    more post please. more power and God Bless

  3. ang alam ko lamang sobra galing ni wheelchair man, tamo pati lablayf ko naisulat nya at na - move nya ako, ehehehhehe... =D

    1. sana sa akin din may contact number kaba nya Thanks!

  4. Hi wheelchaired man! Ganda ng blog mo, maganda ung nilalaman, sobrang meaning full. :-)

    1. just serving as mirrors to ideas that heed my views. thank you.

  5. I remember this... nagkahiwalay kame nyan at ngaun, nagkabalikan na ulit. =D