July 13, 2012


I came across and stumbled on a man’s expression of feelings towards a woman. Simple as it may sound, deconstructed it may look and may defy the laid down literary rules, the layman’s term presented plans to at least touch our hearts.

Hoping against all hopes

The mere look in your deep set eyes
Your stare, your glance, can’t help but lie
Awe I can’t deny

Thoughts of you make shiver
How I wish, much better
If both of us together

But this is just an illusion of mine
There’s just an imaginary line
That sets me off way far behind

Am definitely a no for your league
Likened to a brass and a stick
But with a heart for you so big

I’m contented that this feeling remain
Let no storm or heavy rain
As I watch you, my dear...in vain

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