July 13, 2012


Yesterday was a day so relevant in my life. Unknowingly, it has been almost twenty years since he passed away. He would have turned 75 years old by now. Yesterday was my father’s birthday. Off-tuned chants of birthday wishes must have blown our house this time caused by alcohol spirits consumed by his friends. Relatives and neighbours alike, comes by to show docile to my father.

But the blithe that my father had in his face completely turned to a melancholy frown when a brain tumor was finally diagnosed. The chant and the crowd slowly faded. Accompanying them was my father’s dream. He was not able to finish school that’s why he wanted me to realize what he left undone. Since I’m the eldest, he expected more favourable results from me. He wanted me to be a lawyer. He worked his guts out in order to give me and my sisters the best education available.

Circumstances were mean to us that I wasn’t even able to show him my pre-law diploma. He slipped away from me 3 months prior to my graduation day. All I did was to gather my strength as small drops of tears fell down from my afflicted eyes.

I’ve suffered and survived 2 strokes, but that moment is still vivid in my mind. He may be gone but July 12 won’t be erased and removed. I miss you, Tatay!

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