July 13, 2012

Labels - the return

I admit, that in as much as I wanted to arose from the depths of ‘’being unto being’’, I am actioned and called back by my peer’s frame of thoughts to delve again and subjectify things that heed alteration or otherwise.

The question on the amount of love given and its intensity is impeccable. But the fear of losing and being afraid to let your deeds fly out is nothing but a nightmare. Indeed you may find somebody worthy for you but the hands of time goes rapidly. There might be overwhelming moments but the mind is so attached that even gravity pushes it back where you belong.

Options are not for asking. ‘Labels’ is not an issue. True love is. The choice is yours and no amount of pressure can penetrate it. The facets of love given and shared alone are strong principles for consideration. Sad, but it’s true. But it’s that feeling that we experience. We’re alive after all.

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