July 14, 2012

Among others - a Labels' side tone

I would have really wanted to soak my battered body against the sudden flow of the raging rain but the mask of stroke clinched tight around my body. Agog to go out helplessly, I just decided to stare outside at the endless water falling down from the sky. I was suddenly reminded of many things.  Among them is equality.

Your name, age, status in life and label doesn’t mean a thing. These are just mere products of our rich culture that identifies, groups, classifies us according to size, shape, type and various unreformed details. And its inability and lapses causes confusion to people.

Equality spectacularly wards all these off as it chooses no one. It drains us like rain without boundaries or limits. Enough reason for it to be squared with our respective relationships. Again, as long as the relationship is fair, giving, forgiving and loving, equality runs through its veins.

What happens when there’s an involved issue? Approaching the same with deeper understanding from both ends and proper solution to address the impeding matter will surely iron things out. Being just also coincides with being equal. Acceptance is also a relative and there’s this single recipe that binds it all – Love.

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