July 15, 2012

Hu U?

It was almost like my birthday. Few treasured friends from way back then stormed my abode. Like the three kings, they bore gifts: food, fun and endless vintage tales from our alma mater schoolyard. The names, the seemingly chain of unforgettable events, past and present activities were full of pleasure and glee. Time bothered us and went quickly and it was all up before our guffaws envelope us.

overwhelmingly surrounded by ''ET'' beauties, TonET, JhET and  VholET

Seeing my friends all in a festive mood delighted my soul but kept a speck of regret inside me. I should have stayed much longer to finish my secondary education with them but I had to transfer to another school...then a lark with mixed interpretations passed by my being. Is there a possibility of these (my present state) happening to me if I hadn’t gone the latter?

Momentary regrets was felt but was able to whisk the same off. What matters is the extremely fun gathering with not just schoolmates, but true friends. And oh, by the way...HU U?

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