July 30, 2012

Imagine - refrain

Imagine - 2

Imagine how free
And easy it can be
Loneliness such unwanted
Pure joy unsolicited
In my own simple way
After many assay
Proud of it that I’m alive
Inspiration well derived

Imagine the pain
Every breath I gain
Death beside me
Future remains a croquis
Pulling back all that remained
Leaving me, I cried retain

Imagine the nights
Cold, alone as I cried
Sobs nobody hears
Hate without tears
As depression sinks in
Don’t know where else to begin

Imagine the loss
Precious time the most
Chance had slipped
Things that I once believed
Getting up a must
Even sometimes I fuss

Imagine, empathize
To feel and realize
What it has been
So all should have seen
Truly been a blessing
Imagine everything

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