July 30, 2012



Imagine how hard
Being separated and barred
The way you used to
Alienation starts to accrue
Before your sure forecast
Suddenly all dimast

Imagine all the effort
To make everything worth
Selfless sacrifices
That each one recognizes
It’s really very daunting
Much more, haunting

Imagine the pressure
All this a refresher
A quite unfamiliar environment
Modern in its content
Maybe a neophyte in the bureaucracy
Again, not that hasty

Imagine the feeling
Remembering, reliving and actually being
To a path once dared to walk
I should to lessen the talk
To look back I rather not
It brings just further draught

Imagine my strength
My willingness quite a length
I chose to live and survive
To face it all well and alive
Overcome through strife
So just imagine me without a life


  1. nobody can ever imagine how you're making it through,, for whatever it's worth,, life goes on tol!,, *;)

  2. I clapped everytime I read your articles.