August 31, 2012


Call it fate if you want but I was moved from the movie that I saw last night. I’m usually fond of action, suspense and mystery type but this time, I saw myself being drawn to a romantic feel-good movie. The movie is entitled ‘The Lucky One’. There was something about it that intrigued me. It was destiny, as was themed by the movie.

It is absolutely true what it said that destiny sometimes come in least unexpected circumstances. The people around you, the places and even the sudden glow on your face are things uncalled for. Things happen for a purpose be it good or bad.

It is only our prerogative to invite destiny to play a role in our lives or not. Through this life, it’s destiny or fate that guides us. We still have final say on how we are going to live it. A beautiful and happy life is the one that is lived fully made and guided by destiny.

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