September 18, 2012


The child in me can’t wait anymore.

It is that time of the year once again when people are busy as ants preparing for this grand event. Each one is in a festive mode. All of a sudden, problems and worries are taken aside, issues are taken in high hopes of being resolved, and for once in every year in man’s existence in this world, there is love and peace all over.  Christmas it is.

 To some, it is an opportunity and a chance to give hope one more try to make its way through our hearts.  Luckily enough, this miraculous day does not let us down. More issues are addressed, in all aspects of human condition at least, even for a day.

Our personalities can ever be so grateful in this wonderful event that enveloped us. And just like a small kid that pulls her mother’s skirt to ask or beg, we sometimes do wish that Christmas will ideally be with us all year long for it gives joy, hope and peace to all.

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