September 18, 2012



Am I deaf, can’t hear a thing
Mute sound wave it brings
All I hear is myself
A murmur, not a hush from a teff

Nor speak, I cannot do
Tied by words I used to
Can’t say or simply express
My medium became suddenly meaningless

A quickened darkness
I felt in all my senses
All of a sudden, blankness filled my mind
Destroyed everything bind

My body started trembling
Then after a while...nothing
Numbness all around
In a state of shock, at once astound

Death may have visited
But not exactly as expected
In taking me all completely
He played with mediocrity

Wrong in strategy
Leaving me well and lively
My brain still reasons
Will survive with less function

Now I may be disabled
But still, I have the knowledge
I may be wrongfully labelled
This fight for life, though temporary, I pledge

Making hay as the sun shine
Doing things as long as they’re fine
Smelling the flowers as I have told
Enjoy life, cherish the gold...

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