September 17, 2012


"one calm night in fairyland"
9x12 , colored pencil on paper
March 11, 2005
by: Antonette Victoria Buenaventura

Being my elder sister's 'shadow and echo', I literally copied whatever she did and almost everything she said in my presence. So when she started schooling at the age of 5, I did too, attending the same classes with her as 'saling pusa' as elders call it that time. I was only 3 years old then.

There's this retro story my mom would always tell. She said from out of the blue, I told my teacher, "Ma’am, my name is Wendy and I live with the elves in mushroom houses". Funny how 'big' people reacted on it, that my teacher even worriedly told my mom the possibility that me having imaginary friends.

No. It's a world I created where I won't be requiring my 'ate' (sister) to look up to and get my personality from.  It's a world where I am me.

In my 39 years of existence in this pseudo world or ours, there is only one thing I didn't outgrow. Those years of 'pain and gain' that never stopped me from believing. I do believe in fairies... I do... I do.

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