September 17, 2012

Heaven to me...

by AVB

I don’t know but my being rude to literary rules dominated once again. Pardon me for being shallow. It’s just that I was inspired by the flash of charismatic persona encased in an unnatural body. An angel, I guess.

Knowing you know me
That in return you gladly
Is heaven to me

To know that you’re by my side
Calms me instantly
Is heaven to me

All that’s in you
Your whole personality
Is heaven to me

Your face such a wonder
The smile....oh, gee...
Is heaven to me

The air you exhume
Captures me completely
Is heaven to me

Just by seeing you there
Though I’m not worthy
Is heaven to me

Noticing me above everyone
Makes me proud and happy
Is heaven to me

You are, of course
An awe ideally
Is heaven to me

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