September 18, 2012

Nothing is permanent in life

In addition to my search for what is the subconscious unknown entity only known as mere ideas, I am drawn to post this quite intriguing question; are all things existent or not, have and end? My limited thinking brings me back repeatedly to the reality that there is absolutely none that lasts forever.

This idealism brings speck of hope in all of us if we are to look in a more positive perspective. All our problems, worries and anxiety are just temporary. They exist maybe to test our human adaptability to pressure or being into tight circumstances. Emerging into these temporary instances or being jailed unto those asserts what kind of person are we. It thus, makes or breaks us.

But no matter how intense they are or how enormous is it, don’t let them ruin you. Just as stated earlier, these worries are just temporary and will not last long. It all too shall come to pass.

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