September 25, 2012

Perception of Ideas


I tied to wander in the hallways frequented and at times inhabited by ideas but unluckily, what I ended up was nothing. What I perceived was delusion for me, at least for the time being. I almost thought that what I feared most is already happening. It spoiled my perception of the end for me.

All of these maybe pushed me to the brink of silence and freedom of expression but it failed to control my brain. It may have succeeded but only for a while. What kept me up is my willingness and determination.

No matter how absurd or moronic they maybe, I know for sure that somebody out there share the same as with me. Stale and idle they may be, the important thing is I expressed it in a manner knowledgeable to all. And for you to get involved, affected or moved is just a triumphant confirmation that what I do is worthy enough.

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